Album Review – Chelsea Wolfe, “Apokalypsis”.

There appears to be a new sort of Lauren Canyon woman singer-songwriter thing going on,

but one that has its roots in arty doom metal.    Sera Timms (Ides of Gemini, Black Math Horsemen, Black Mare), Emma Ruth Rundle (Red Sparowes, Marriages) are proving to be competent singer-songwriters in a very stripped down acoustic style.


Chelsea Wolfe is packaged with this group and it is certainly easy to draw comparisons.

Currently, one of her records is tearing up the Billboard Folk Music charts while her tracks get licensed to shows like “Game of Thrones”.

However, the record that would be of the most interest to the iBong crew is her second album, “Apokalypsis”.

Doom Pop?    A mix of downtempo dub, singer-songwriter, drone and doom – with a splash of musique concrete?    This will confuse the hell out of anyone who sees her name on the folk charts.

Highest Marks.


Livebloggin’ my Pokemon Wonder Trades

dark match – traded level 3X Polywhirl named “Nixon Milhaus” ; received level 1 ralts – gender undetermined.

1 – Trade Level 6 Plusie ; receive level 1 Finnekin

I feel ashamed of this.    I like Delphox, so I will keep this.


2 – Trade level 30 Quagsire named “Water Shandar” – name a hilarious in-joke.

Received level 31 Butterfree with POKERUS infection.

QUARANTINE until further notice.


3 – Trading Frogadier. level 26 – received magikarp.



4 – trading level 1 larvitar.  FUCK DA POLICE   – received skiddoo.


4b – regifting that fucking skiddoo – received japanese skeleton man.



5 – level 27 spanish dugtrio yields a pikachu

6 – a carnivine named “squirtle” – a ralts

7 – a weepinbell named “eevee” – kangashkan.

7b – regifting that kanga ; a kanga.   it yields a litwick.


cannot get the last 30 minutes of my life back, ever.


Flow in Albums an album review essay: Naam – “Vow” (5 / 5 Stars)

Ed notes:    add links to amazon afiliate for all albums, purchase, something – find the

   least obtrstive way to get a cut


This is beardy psychedelic prog rock pretending to be metal.     The GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH

test confirms my suspicions. They do not fail the google image search test, however.

It is not a solid pass either.

I’ve privately opined what it is about some of the classic albums of my teenage years vs the stuff I like today that made that older stuff seem more “magical” and it may be more than nostalgia…


I think it’s the flow – many records have something that is one intensity all the way through.


But stuff I think is classic – Acid Bath : When the Kite String Pops .   This record is revered with hushed tones.   Part of the majesty is that due to two straight up ballads on the record

that EVERYONE could get down with, you had your girlfriend into this twisted slab of fucked up sludge metal.   (acid bath is my favorite band)


Stone Temple Pilots – Core:  The combination of rockers, mainstream hits, weird noise interludes and 10 minute electric lizard freakouts with a live wire production that

just gave the whole thing an “electric lizard king” vibe.   STP would never sound this good again and the cracks would begin to show soon thereafter.


Hybrid – Morning Sci-FI:  Orbital-style electronic listening record (as opposed to

an electronic dance record) that builds to great peaks and valleys.    Hit play,

drive down the open road.


A good, consistent FLOW covers up for a lot of the impurities.   a good mixtape maker knows

this.   It’s about knowing the ride that you want to take someone on.


An album that has a good flow that is taking you somewhere very specific is

Burzum’s “Filosofem”.     Spend some time with it and some headphones, and you’ll understand.   That record’s a death trip, maaan

Anyway, this record called “Vow”,. by NAAM (this is the album we are reviewing) – it’s got the kind of good flow in a psychedelic metal way that it makes me harken back to those classic records.    Sometimes

it sounds like springsteen, sometimes it sounds like sabbath or something.     This album flows in ways that keep it fresh.   It’s the “when the kite string pops” of beardy psychedelic

hipster records,

So what I’m saying is I am comparing them to Acid Bath.


This record fuckin rocks.   5 stars.


<listen to it on spotify (affiliate link)>



Sunday Funday for The Lord




The Virginian-Pilot

The most intense 30 minutes on local radio begin with the tuneless yowls of a trumpet fashioned from ram’s horn. They deliver both welcome and warning: Gather, ye believers. Flee, ye infidels.

Right behind the horn comes Norfolk’s Philip Glover, gruffly announcing a program “designed to expose the hidden works of darkness” and “make ready a people prepared for Yahweh.”

From there, all bets are off.

Glover might rail against organized religion. He might tear into the federal government, political parties, popular culture. Might rip the press. Might, in a tone of equal parts fury and disbelief, expose the lies of the far-reaching pagan conspiracy that controls them all.

Most churches, he’ll say, are monuments to pagan idols. Big business is a money machine for the pagan hierarchy. Government is all show, a distraction to keep our attention diverted from the real leadership. For those slow to catch on: That’d be the pagans.

Step out of line, and you risk getting hassled by the pagan-controlled police, who’ll trump up charges against you for simply exercising your constitutional rights. Speaking of the Constitution, pagans murdered George Washington.

We’re surrounded by counterfeits, he’ll say. Only through righteousness does one find the truth.

And there are very, very few of the righteous around.

Glover’s show is called “The Remnant Ministry.” It airs at 3:30 p.m. weekdays on WKGM, a 10,000-watt Christian station in Smithfield broadcasting at 940 AM. The station’s decidedly low-fi signal carries Glover and his co-hosts into homes as far north as Maryland, south to Nags Head, west to the Richmond suburbs.

Since the program’s debut in November 2004, the 43-year-old Glover has served as its creative director, ombudsman and host on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Compatriots Rick Vollrath of Virginia Beach and Allan Roth of Tennessee pull the remaining shifts.

“We’re frantically trying to warn people about what’s going on in their world,” Glover said in his home office, where he spends much of his waking hours off the air and away from his job as a longshoreman. “That’s why we open every show with the sound of the shofar, the ram’s horn. We’re sounding a warning.”

Open your eyes, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll hear Glover say. Little is as it appears. You’re being fed fantasy. The Civil War wasn’t about slavery or states’ rights – it was “part of the cover to get the heat off the Masonic lodges.”

The United Nations charter says “the family is a disease that must be eradicated,” Glover will tell you. He has a copy. Election campaigns, debates, voting are all smokescreen – “a phony battle,” he said. “It’s like WWF wrestling.”

The 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, was “an atrocity” hatched to “signal to the American people: ‘Don’t mess with your government, or this’ll happen to you.’ ” It wasn’t federal agents who rushed the compound, but foreign troops – Chechnyans, perhaps.

Iraqi nationals were involved in the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, he said, a detail kept from the people so that blame could be affixed to Timothy McVeigh – “a domestic terrorist, a white guy, a member of the militia movement.

“Militias are constitutional!” Glover thundered. “Why would they want to demonize militias? Because they want to turn this country into communist China!”

Christianity was “the last great creation of the pagan world.” Jesus is “an idol from Greek mythology.” The Almighty’s true name is Yahweh, he insisted; anyone using “God” is speaking pagan.

“What do you think steeples are? Phallic symbols!” Glover said. “Look at the Washington Monument! It’s the biggest… the biggest…. ”

T.R. Bumgardner, WKGM’s manager, receives no shortage of feedback on the program.

“A very mixed bag of response,” he said. “A lot positive and a lot negative.

“He likes to dance the line,” he said of Glover. “A lot of the time he’s dancing over the line. You meet him in person and he’s a really easygoing, really easy-to-get-along-with guy. He doesn’t come across that way on the air.”

To put it mildly. The beefy Glover can rile quickly, and lately the topic that’s most outraged him is the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a Boeing 757: “The forensics that the Pentagon released showed the impact, the explosion, was consistent with a military missile-type device,” he said. “It was a white, fervent hot explosion, which is different from jet fuel.”

United Flight 93, which crashed in southcentral Pennsylvania, was brought down by U.S. warplanes: “Rumsfeld admitted twice that it was shot down,” Glover said.

Likewise, the disaster at the World Trade Center was engineered so that Washington could justify the Patriot Act – a first step toward establishing a police state: “That’s right, your government did it, ladies and gentlemen,” Glover told his audience on Sept. 13. “The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.”

His co-hosts share that view. “Common sense tells me that people living in caves with box cutters did not do this,” Roth said in an interview. “I wouldn’t just sit there while some guy with box cutters took over the plane and endangered my life. It don’t make sense to me. And things that don’t make sense, I don’t agree with.”

“It struck me that Bush and Cheney are guilty of all of the crimes that would keep them from getting jobs at our ports,” Vollrath declared on a show earlier this month. “Bush committed terrorism by signing the 9/11 operation order, and Cheney ran that operation from Colorado.

“Bush and Cheney are treasonous, murdering rapists,” he said. “Hitler would be proud of this bunch.”

Glover came by his understanding of the world in somewhat roundabout fashion. The son of a military man, he moved to Norfolk 40-odd years ago, graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 1980 and “floated around a bit” before answering a call to the ministry. He moved to South Carolina, where he met Roth, a preacher and home remodeler five years his senior and clearly, in Glover’s eyes, “a servant of Yahweh.”

“He doesn’t like titles or anything like that,” Glover said, “but I recognize his office is ‘prophet.’ ”

Roth might be even more strident on the show than his protege: He’s worked himself into a shouting lather over men wearing pink shirts.

“People say I’m radical,” Roth allowed, “but I don’t know. People should be passionate.”

The two eventually moved to Maryville, Tenn., south of Knoxville. Roth, married for 27 years and the father of five children, stayed put. Glover moved on to Hampton Roads, where a few years ago he met Vollrath, now 50 and a waiter at an Oceanfront restaurant. It wasn’t long before they realized they were of like mind.

Glover first reached out to the wider world on WTAR-AM, a big Norfolk talk radio station, but the gig didn’t last. When a slot was available at the Smithfield station, he recruited the help of Vollrath and Roth, both of whom phone in their shifts.

They’re not shy about taking their message to the street, as well. A couple of weeks back, Vollrath was riding his bike at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, “proclaiming to people who were sitting on the benches and on their hotel balconies that 9/11 was a U.S. government operation.” At the Boardwalk’s intersection with 21st Street, he was approached by a sheriff’s deputy.

“He said I needed to tone it down,” Vollrath said. “So I did, but I didn’t stop talking.” Perhaps that kept him from hearing that he was under arrest; when he tried to ride off, he said, the deputy “tackled me from behind.

“I was able to get him off of me,” he said. “I began to run down the Boardwalk, because I was fearful about what was going to happen to me. So I ran down the Boardwalk, turned right, and as I did a Virginia Beach police car and several police officers on bikes were coming toward me.”

Vollrath was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and he spent the night in jail.

The following day, the fifth anniversary of the attacks, Glover turned up at Mount Trashmore, where a crowd armed with colored cards was creating a giant likeness of the Stars and Stripes. He was equipped with a bullhorn.

“I waited until the music stopped playing and then I just told them that 9/11 was an inside job and the government did the whole thing,” he said that afternoon. Beach police ran him off – or, as he described it on the air: “The bandits with a badge trumped up charges against me, and even when I complied I was still not welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

“Your White House, your government, are working it out right now to target those who think for themselves,” he told his listeners. “So get ready, ladies and gentlemen. If you can think for yourself, you are going to wind up in prison. One of those secret CIA prisons.”

Those weren’t the first tangles with the law for either man. In 1989, acting on an impulse that he couldn’t explain then and cannot now, Vollrath set fire to a 65-foot fiberglass gorilla that loomed over the entrance to Wild Water Rapids, nowadays called Ocean Breeze Fun Park, on General Booth Boulevard.

It was fear of imprisonment on the resulting arson charge, he said last week, that prompted him to find religion.

“I was thinking about the possibility of losing my freedom and being incarcerated for a number of years, and I was on the couch and cried out, ‘God!’,” he said. “I didn’t know about Yahweh at that time.”

Vollrath earned a hefty fine and suspended jail time.

Glover, meanwhile, called Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe when President Bush was due to visit the city last year.

“Kind of a unique individual,” McCabe recalled last week. “He wanted me to arrest the president.

“I kept him on the phone, contacted the Secret Service, and asked them, ‘What do you want me to do with him?’ They suggested I try to get him to come in. So I said, ‘Why don’t you come in and we’ll fill out a warrant on Bush?’

“Damn if he didn’t show up,” the sheriff said. “That blew my mind.” The feds and Glover had a long chat. Glover now denounces McCabe for “putting me on a terrorist watch list” and demonstrating all-too-typical blindness.

“McCabe,” he said, “is completely unaware of the world around him.”

If Philip Glover were president, for which he ran in 1996 while living in Tennessee, he’d abolish real estate taxes and public schools – or “government indoctrination centers” where children learn “how to be followers of pop culture, but they don’t know anything about the Bill of Rights or the Scriptures.”

He’d repeal Daylight Saving Time, which he sees as “enacted to appease the corporate structure.” He’d eliminate government-sponsored entertainment, such as that offered at Town Point Park.

He’d put an end to having citizens “forcibly vaccinated with cancer-causing diseases.”

He might run for office again. He does not expect to be elected, however. People prefer fables over the truth. They’d prefer to shuffle happy and ignorant to oblivion.

They need to hear the truth, nonetheless. So he will continue his mission on the radio. He and his co-hosts will not stop exposing the hidden works of darkness, and making ready a people prepared for Yahweh.

Assuming that Vollrath remains a free man, that is, and assuming that none of the three goes too far over the line.

“This is basically a Christian station, so I can’t have him getting on there and attacking Christianity, which he wants to do,” Bumgardner said of Glover. “I can’t have him attacking specific ministries.”

As insurance, the station had Glover read and sign a letter specifying what he could not proclaim on the air. “I literally have a laundry list of things I’m not allowed to say,” Glover sighed. “I’m not allowed to call churches ‘spiritual whorehouses.’ ”

“That’s actually in the letter,” Bumgardner confirmed. “You can’t call churches spiritual whorehouses.”

Glover shook his head.

“They’ve got us in a straitjacket, and still, with that straitjacket on, we’re able to get the word out.”

Undercover in the Console Wars – Part 1: Launch Day

Recommended Listening: – The Wand and the Moon, Sunspot <youtube link>        – PLUG : Off of The Lone Descent <amazon affiliate link>

“$2,000.00 OR BEST OFFER”.   It was the most disgusting sentence I’d read all day.

I read it off a white piece of paper scotch taped to a blue box that said “PS4″.

I’d stopped to get a good look at it – I’d never seen one before.

The most disgusting sentence I’d read all day was scrawled on the white paper

in ballpoint pen.

Dude had himself a Playstation 4, and was apparently looking to flog the thing for an exorbitant price.

Probably to stop the inevitable questions about buying it from him by offering it at said exorbitant price.

I’d realized I’d given the man the benefit of the doubt and been called on my bluff when he

told me, crowing proudly – “It’s not out yet!”..

I didn’t realize it wasn’t out – it was supposed to come out sometime around then.  

I lookeddown at my iPhone, popped out my iOS screen and looked at the warm green bubbles.  It soothed me, and told me

that it was the Thirteenth….

“It comes out on the 15th….”was what we’d both essentially said, or at least what our words MEANT.+ My words seemed rather confused and his still in the same proud cackle

2 Days before Release day:

Someone is absurd, it is either him or humanity.

If he is absurd, humanity is rational.

$1,000.00 per day. is absurd.

If he is rational, humanity is absurd.

Fulfilling legitimate demand.

Nontheless, the game is on on the console wars.  

It is time for some serious JOURNALISM     You will get the real scoop here, from your man on the inside 3×5 <3×>

I am anonymous and deep inside the IT/Geek culture, where you get subjected to reviews

and insights into gaming from people wheter you like it or not, because somebody is probably

gonna be giving you their opinions on video gaming against uour will.


love you all, will write back soon.

3×5 <3×>