Immigration demonstration on I-10 slows traffic to a crawl

610 loop was coming on in 15 minutes and I had no idea why.


Traffic was unusually heavy and I’d played it fast and loose with my time this morning

For some reason, it was time to whip everyone in a frenzy about illegal immigration again.

I’ve been told why it’s bad by the media for different reasons at various times whenever there was a need to stir up a frenzy and I haven’t the slightest clue what the fuss is all about, which tells me I really don’t want to have an opinion.


But the big black sign that said “DEPORT”, flanked with  picnic-blanket sized protest posters, seemed to slow traffic to a crawl.   Why this one when all the others are just zooming by?    Maybe because, while it was clear this was a protest, it wasn’t clear what side everyone was on.   Another reported sign said “VENGAN”, Spanish for “Welcome!”.     This gave the impression from far off that the sign said “DEPORT VEGANS”

Whatever message the folks on I-10 at TC Jester were selling, its clear by the traffic slowdown that it was gawked at by Houstonians during morning rush hour.   It also seems clear from commuter’s impressions that nobody is quite clear what it was.

Did the ambiguity contribute to the visibility?

Was it because it was a hot button issue?

Rush hour in a spot devoid of other distractions?

Sanctuary city?

The perfect storm.


Doge Virus

Cat videos are the new face of totalitarianism.


Big Brother would not be an intimidating face.   The powers that be clearly understood human nature,

and found a way to create a climate in which people clamored for totalitarianism.


such internment

many martial laws


Gonzo on the campaign trail addendum

channeling spirit of hunter thompson.


i believe clinton when he said he smoked marajuana but “didn’t inhale.”


Postmodern Zen Koan:  When clinton said he smoked marajuana but “didn’t inhale”, he wasn’t bullshitting.


If you’ve ever been a social alcoholic who’s had to quit drinking, the logic in play is natural.

When you’re at the bars and with your friends as an open non drinker, you act different.   You’re a little straighter,

a little more isolated.   You never feel loose.   You don’t get approached loosely.   The “oops” factor never ever

comes into play, like it used to after an evening of sitting with a lady and having drinks alone.


Basically, it’s all the bullshit of being at a bar without the benefits of the company of other social alcoholics

and generally lubricated people.


The placebo effect is a hell of a thing, and study after study shows that if you get a bunch of people in a room

and give them non alcoholic beer or some other benign substance they’re told is gonna ABSOLUTELY GET
YOU BITCHEN DRUNK BRO ….   they act drunk.


You’re going to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.      You find the bartender.   Order a diet coke with a lime,

a club soda short with a lime ..  something that looks for all intents and purposes like a coctail.


HERE IS THE IMPORTANT STEP:    When the bartender gives you the price or otherwise hands you the drink

which may be free, you give him a $5 and tell him these magic words – “Thank you.   I don’t drink, but I want

to be stealth about it.”.


Showing some appreciation for the man, because you’re going to be seeing him all night drinking your pretend drinks just like you used to drink the real ones.    Sip them and get loose, don’t let anyone know you aren’t drinking.   Just tell the bartender you’d like another.

Tip him $1.00 each time.


Yes, you’ll spend a little money.   Just like you used to, except about 10% of it.


You’ve effectively recreated your entire drinking culture ritual with the removal of alcohol in the picture.

You’ll get loose and have fun and the placebo effect kicks in after a bit of stealthy teetotaling.


Also, in the world of the 11:45am haze where all walls become a Parisian salon through the power

of liquor, you’ll have two superpowers!

1) You aren’t actually drunk, so your mind is still sharper than everyone else’s even if you aren’t actively aware of it!

2) When you put your key in the door, just like you’ve done staggering time after time, it’s actually very easy and you’re

suddenly very happy you aren’t actually drunk!   Your motor skills are still sharper than everyone else’s even if you

aren’t actively aware!


There will be times you are briefly aware of your hidden potential, and these peaks shall seem mighty indeed.


So imagine there’s a pot smoking culture like a drinking culture.     And you want to ingratiate yourself

into that culture, without the intoxicating bit.     So you smoke, but you don’t inhale – the closest thing in the stoner

universe to a tall diet coke with lime.


And you’re gonna tell me Bill Clinton wouldn’t pull off this swindle?    Now you’re bullshittin me.







Dark Night of the Broul

Hey bro keep it up man. I know that it is rough dealing with day to day stuff, but it will get better. Just keep yourself on a slow and steady path of self improvement and things will start to go your way automagically.


Movin on down’

So with Montrose trying to price everyone out of existence, my new goal is to flee to EaDo – East Downtown, a douchey-as-hell



The way they talk about the place it reminds me of Montrose when I moved in in 2004 – the added sketchiness and cheaper rents

which are slowly disappearing in the ‘Trose.





Album Review – Chelsea Wolfe, “Apokalypsis”.

There appears to be a new sort of Lauren Canyon woman singer-songwriter thing going on,

but one that has its roots in arty doom metal.    Sera Timms (Ides of Gemini, Black Math Horsemen, Black Mare), Emma Ruth Rundle (Red Sparowes, Marriages) are proving to be competent singer-songwriters in a very stripped down acoustic style.


Chelsea Wolfe is packaged with this group and it is certainly easy to draw comparisons.

Currently, one of her records is tearing up the Billboard Folk Music charts while her tracks get licensed to shows like “Game of Thrones”.

However, the record that would be of the most interest to the iBong crew is her second album, “Apokalypsis”.

Doom Pop?    A mix of downtempo dub, singer-songwriter, drone and doom – with a splash of musique concrete?    This will confuse the hell out of anyone who sees her name on the folk charts.

Highest Marks.


Livebloggin’ my Pokemon Wonder Trades

dark match – traded level 3X Polywhirl named “Nixon Milhaus” ; received level 1 ralts – gender undetermined.

1 – Trade Level 6 Plusie ; receive level 1 Finnekin

I feel ashamed of this.    I like Delphox, so I will keep this.


2 – Trade level 30 Quagsire named “Water Shandar” – name a hilarious in-joke.

Received level 31 Butterfree with POKERUS infection.

QUARANTINE until further notice.


3 – Trading Frogadier. level 26 – received magikarp.



4 – trading level 1 larvitar.  FUCK DA POLICE   – received skiddoo.


4b – regifting that fucking skiddoo – received japanese skeleton man.



5 – level 27 spanish dugtrio yields a pikachu

6 – a carnivine named “squirtle” – a ralts

7 – a weepinbell named “eevee” – kangashkan.

7b – regifting that kanga ; a kanga.   it yields a litwick.


cannot get the last 30 minutes of my life back, ever.


Flow in Albums an album review essay: Naam – “Vow” (5 / 5 Stars)

Ed notes:    add links to amazon afiliate for all albums, purchase, something – find the

   least obtrstive way to get a cut


This is beardy psychedelic prog rock pretending to be metal.     The GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH

test confirms my suspicions. They do not fail the google image search test, however.

It is not a solid pass either.

I’ve privately opined what it is about some of the classic albums of my teenage years vs the stuff I like today that made that older stuff seem more “magical” and it may be more than nostalgia…


I think it’s the flow – many records have something that is one intensity all the way through.


But stuff I think is classic – Acid Bath : When the Kite String Pops .   This record is revered with hushed tones.   Part of the majesty is that due to two straight up ballads on the record

that EVERYONE could get down with, you had your girlfriend into this twisted slab of fucked up sludge metal.   (acid bath is my favorite band)


Stone Temple Pilots – Core:  The combination of rockers, mainstream hits, weird noise interludes and 10 minute electric lizard freakouts with a live wire production that

just gave the whole thing an “electric lizard king” vibe.   STP would never sound this good again and the cracks would begin to show soon thereafter.


Hybrid – Morning Sci-FI:  Orbital-style electronic listening record (as opposed to

an electronic dance record) that builds to great peaks and valleys.    Hit play,

drive down the open road.


A good, consistent FLOW covers up for a lot of the impurities.   a good mixtape maker knows

this.   It’s about knowing the ride that you want to take someone on.


An album that has a good flow that is taking you somewhere very specific is

Burzum’s “Filosofem”.     Spend some time with it and some headphones, and you’ll understand.   That record’s a death trip, maaan

Anyway, this record called “Vow”,. by NAAM (this is the album we are reviewing) – it’s got the kind of good flow in a psychedelic metal way that it makes me harken back to those classic records.    Sometimes

it sounds like springsteen, sometimes it sounds like sabbath or something.     This album flows in ways that keep it fresh.   It’s the “when the kite string pops” of beardy psychedelic

hipster records,

So what I’m saying is I am comparing them to Acid Bath.


This record fuckin rocks.   5 stars.


<listen to it on spotify (affiliate link)>